Migraine Treatment

What are migraines?

A migraine is a particularly debilitating headache often associated with other symptoms to include nausea, vomiting and oversensitivity to light and sound.

How does the migraine treatment work?

Botulinum Toxin injections are known to have a positive effect when used to treat chronic migraines. It is believed this is achieved by helping to relax the tension in the muscles that lead to the symptoms of a migraine, thus it is also effective for treating chronic tension headaches.

Where are the injections administered?

The most common areas treated for migraines are the frown line area and the forehead. In some cases, temporal muscles are treated for further relief.

What results can I expect?

Results vary from patient to patient. The majority of patients will see more noticeable result as their treatment progresses and they undertake numerous sets of injections over time. Approximately 50% of patients show a 50% reduction in migraine attacks however it is important to stress that top-up treatments will be required to maintain results.

Are there any side effects?

Immediately after treatment the treated area can appear slightly red and occasionally there is some mild bruising, swelling and tenderness. This Is all completely normal and generally reduces within a few days. The treatment can also cause a temporary headache for the first 3-5 days as the botulinum toxin starts to work and the muscles spasm slightly before they start to relax. You will be fully consulted prior to any treatment to discuss the side effects in detail.